Meet our team

We have a  highly flexible team ready to meet and exceed your needs available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Each team member is an expert in their field and has many years of experience in delivering excellence in customer care. We briefly present some of our key experts below.

If the language barrier worries you, it is not an issue for us! We are fluent in Greek, English, French, Spanish, Albanian and conversant in Italian and Turkish.

Mrs Tonia Epifani

Mrs Tonia Epifani, our Managing Director, has several years of experience in corporate governance, management, marketing and sales, tourism and events organisation. She is the first point of call for contracting, budgeting and for offers for group travel and destination management. She has organized a variety of events in Africa, Asia and the USA as well as European Destinations. She has travelled extensively and has a wealth of knowledge of Greek as well as international destinations. She speaks Greek, English and French fluently.

Mr Kostas Arachovitis

Mr Kostas Arachovitis is a professional Reservations Agent and Event Project Manager and Coordinator. He is an Expert in Managing Air and Hotel reservations through online reservation systems. He is  very experienced and accomplished in fully organizing events for multinational and international companies in countries ranging from Europe and the Middle East to the US and Sub Saharan Africa. He is very technically oriented and has sound experience in setting up and organizing exhibitions. He speaks Greek and English fluently.

Ms Maria Chaideftou

Ms Maria Chaideftou is a professional Events Organizer and Project Manager with several years of experience in the field and in the tourism industry. She has organized a variety of events throughout the years in several counties in Sub Saharan Africa, South East Asia, across European countries and the UK. She is experienced in budget management, securing partnerships, and organizing and hosting conferences, congresses, workshops, seminars and promotional activities. She speaks Greek and English fluently and Italian and Turkish at an elementary level.

Mr Irlind(Andreas) Ipeku

Mr Irlind(Andreas) Ipeku is very accomplished and experienced Reservations and Events Coordinator in completed travel arrangements for corporate and leisure customers. He is a very experienced events organizer in several countries in Africa, Asia and as well as various European countries. He demonstrates excellent attention to detail and excellent customer care skills. He speaks Albanian and Greek fluently and English and Spanish at an excellent level.

 Mr Dimitris Politis

Mr Dimitris Politis, Accounts Executive, deals  with payments from customers and payments to suppliers. He looks after the daily, weekly and monthly cash flows and has excellent relationships with suppliers and corporate customers. He speaks Greek and English.

Mr George Tsechelidis

Mr George Tsechelidis, Accounts Executive, has vast experience in budget and cash flow management and corporate governance. He is consulted on tax and payroll issues and also on issues to do with big corporate accounts. He speaks Greek and English.



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